Time Management – Successful People Series Part 2

Sexification Note: This post can be found here. I wanted to re-run this post because I read it again this past weekend when I was knee deep in planning and goal setting and this piece was very helpful in helping me not feel overwhelmed. – 11/1/2010

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  1. Jack says

    This was certainly an excellent post, chock full of useful stuff. But I must confess that time management inevitably makes me feel like a micromanaged robot………………..sure I may sacrifice certain types of “success” because of that, but I won’t whine about it, because it was my choice to make.

    I greatly admire those who are willing to have just about everything in the day penciled in and can stick to it with laser-like focus, but I think I’d lose my mind. An automaton I’ll never be, for better or for worse.

    But it I ever do find the willpower to buckle down, this post has supplied some helpful ammunition.

    • says

      Yo Jack,

      I’m glad you were able to at least know that when you’re ready there is something to be taken away from this post. It doesn’t have to be all that bad either, ya know =)

  2. Christian says

    Hey Roger, what an intriguing article. I especially like the part about listening to educational audio while doing other things like cooking. I’ve been meaning to put some tapes on my ipod but I guess I forgot. Your post reminded me 🙂

    • says

      Hey Christian,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you were able to take something away from my article. Audio really is a life saver! Right now I’m working part time at a gym that recently opened doing community outreach, which consists of doing a mix of door to door to homes and businesses to make them aware of our gym, until a full time trainer position opens up within the next month or two. Until today, it took all I had to not impale myself on a fence post, but last night I signed up for Audible.com and bought 20hrs work of books to keep me engaged during my lonely hours on the street, and now I can’t wait to go to work!

      – Rog

  3. Robert Ohgren says

    Came here because Leigh Peele recommended you. Great article, but where is part 1? (I’m collecting things I wish I had said while he was groing up for my son who is graduating frmo college this year – this is going into my collection but if there’s more I’d like to get it)

  4. Court says

    Rog – Great article. I think I’m going to print it tomorrow and share it to everyone whining about how they don’t have enough time to focus on their job search, do group work, or have a life, let alone go to the gym or not eat fast food every day.

    My classmates don’t understand how I can juggle all of these things and still take a day to myself, socialize and get involved in extra-curriculars that mean something to me. I’ve been preaching time-management but it hasn’t sunk in. Maybe your article will help 🙂

    Glad to see you doing well.
    – Court

    • says

      Oh Court,

      Thanks for the kind words, and to think I was about to go to bed crying because of the scathing review you gave my sled pushing technique. Hopefully your homies can take something away from the article, but if not boo hoo to them!

  5. Mael Capris says

    Write a sick article that makes Mael feel like shit for wasting time….Like a Boss


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