Project Sexification: The Indomitable Mind

As I’ve mentioned before, Sexification isn’t just a physical state of being, but a mindset and a way of living that opens you up to the best that life has to offer.

I was speaking to a client of mine yesterday about her progress (she’s totally crushing it, by the way) and she said something to me that bounced around in my head for the rest of the night: “I finally feel like this is going to happen; it’s not a matter of if.”

It’s sounds simple, yet it’s a statement that’s powerful beyond measure.

There are many people out there, myself included at times, who treat success and goal achievement as if it’s something mystical that only those who have been pre-ordained by the powers that be can obtain, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Success is not an option, but a choice.

Success is not an option, but a choice.

Success it not an option, but a choice.

Let this marinate for awhile, because it’s absolutely critical to whatever you want in life, whether it’s to start a business, become a better parent, rid yourself of Flubby McFlubberson or get out of a bad relationship. The longer you treat your success as just an option, the longer you’ll stay just where you are, forever just out of reach from what you want.

Once you internalize the realization that what you have or don’t have is because of the choices that you’ve made, you move from being a victim to becoming your own hero; you move from thinking something might be possible to knowing that it is. By doing this and truly believing in it, your mind hardens and solidifies around your goal and will do everything within its power to get you there – if let it.

This is how it’s gonna be. You can’t be stopped. No questions asked, no excuses, and no Plan B. What’s the point of coming up with a contingency plan if you know that Plan A is going to be a success?

If there’s anything that I’ve really connected with so far during this 8 week challenge is the fact that there is such a redemptive power that’s unleashed once you decide to make a decision and commit to it, so do it. Not now, but right now.

Make the choice.

If you got anything out of this post, please pass it along via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or carrier pigeon. The more people that make a choice, the better off we’ll all be.

Paste the following into the comment section below: I AM going to (insert your own goal or goals here).

On Friday I’ll choose 2 commenters who will receive a free 30 minute phone consultation about whatever they like.

Weight: 187.4

Photo Credit: Tomas Sobek

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  1. JC says

    I don’t need a phone consult as I get those quite frequently with you. BUT

    Here is my statement as you know about my personal, business, and creative goals.

    I AM going to work on at least ONE thing every day that brings me one step closer to my goals.

  2. Dara says

    I am going to commit to weighing my food every single day, for every single meal. Which means I will measure my food before I head out for the day :)

    • says


      “I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn’t win.” – Urban Meyer

  3. says

    I am going to get sexeh at the end of the next 8 weeks!

    Well, that’s the short version of my goal. Seriously, though, I aim to achieve the following goals:

    1) Waist: 29 inches
    2) Deadlift: 85kg for 4×8
    3) Squat: 75kg for 4×8
    4) Bench and Bent Over Row: 70kg for 4×8
    5) Chin-ups, pull-ups and dips: 70kg for 4×8
    6) Military press: 55kg for 4×8

    Have you read Matt Kroc’s article on T-Nation? It’s an awesome complement to yours!

  4. Joakim says

    I am going to start sending Rog Law my weight lifting and diet stats every Monday morning starting Monday 21/2 (because it’s already Tuesday where I live).

  5. says

    I am going to jump-rope for 15 minutes straight, for the next 5 days in a row. Starting today :-) Success is a CHOICE!!!! Love it!

  6. Nancy C. says

    Gee, that’s one amazing client you have. LOL

    I AM going to bookmark this post and read it whenever I have a tough day and start feeling sorry for myself.

  7. SMP says

    A little late to the party…I am going to COMMIT to a weight loss plan instead of just talking about it!

  8. Danielle says

    I have been excepted to PMI for their PTA program. The program starts March 7th. I have been waiting for over a year to get into this program. As of today, I am going to start studying the skeletal system & muscular system 2 hours a day and volunteer at a PT clinic 8-10 hours a week.

    PS I am also going to bookmark this article. Soo motivating and inspiring, love it Rog!

    • says

      Awesome news, Danielle – congrats on getting into the program!

      Now that you have your foot in the door, all you have to do to kick it wide open is stick to the plan you’ve created for yourself and allow success to come as a result of your hard work.

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