It’s A Celebration: Small Victories

We are our own harshest critics.

Think about it: when was the last time you gave yourself credit for doing something that has been evading you like a Pokemon for the longest time? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Have you been out of the gym for months or years but have finally gotten into a semi-regular habit of exercise? Celebrate that.

Did you recently get off your bootycheeks and find a new hobby or activity to break up the routine that you’ve found yourself in? Bust out the party hats because you know what time it is.

What about your diet? 9/10 times when given the choice between triple fried pig souls and an apple, you chose the former. More importantly though, what about the 1 time yesterday that you went the apple route? Yeah, baby, yeah!

Whatever it is that you’re trying to change, don’t delay celebrating yourself  and the small victories that you have along the way until you fully reach your goal. That day could be a long ways off, which isn’t too helpful from a motivational standpoint. Think of these as mini checkpoints. While they don’t signify the total achievement of your goal, they do mark milestones that must be reached along the way. To eat well for the rest of your life, you first must start with one day, then two, then three.

What small victory have you won that you haven’t celebrated yet? The subject matter is irrelevant – leave your victory in the comment section below so that I can throw you what will undoubtedly go down in history as THE BEST PARTY EVER!

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  1. says

    I’ve been participating in the Concert Choir at the local college this semester. I’m not a full-time student, I signed up as a non-degree student just so I can take some singing classes. I used to enjoy singing in my teens, but hadn’t sang regularly for years (I’m 29.) I’ve been hard on myself because I’ve had so much to learn. It’s my first choir ever. There are kids literally a decade younger than me who have more experience and I’m basically learning from them. But I guess I should remember that I got accepted after an audition even though I hadn’t sang much in years, and I am improving quite a bit. So that’s something.

    • says

      That really is something man. Plus you have to think that you took more than a decade away from singing, so it’s natural not to be exactly where you left off at. Like all great stories, they all start at the same place – the beginning.

  2. Nancy C. says

    I finished Leigh Peele’s Resolution Solution Challenge last week. That was a biggie so I celebrated all weekend. And it felt gooooood!

    Now it’s back to the regular routine but definitely I love to celebrate the small victories as well as the large. Sometimes just getting out of the house and taking a walk in the morning is a victory. Can I get a woohoo?

  3. Cherie says

    I think I’ve celebrated all my small victories as of late, but I’m hoping to get news so I can celebrate a few more. I’m expecting an exam grade back tomorrow, hopefully get news about a scholarship, and I have a band performance next week. That and finals week is coming up, so it will be a lot of celebrating for the end of the semester, finishing my second major, and the beginning of summer.

    • says

      You’re just on a celebratory roll, aren’t you? We gotta talk soon – it sounds like you have so many awesome things going on these days.

  4. Joakim says

    There are lots of small victories and failures in any given day of my life.

    I celebrate both.

    Not sure why:)

  5. Clement says

    Roger Lawson!

    It’s funny you should mention this; I’ve been so busy trying to reach my workplace in time and getting everything done as quickly as possible so that I can get my 7 hours of sleep each night that I forgot to celebrate the small victories that you alluded to.

    Well, I’ve hit new PRs in my workouts and have actually stuck to a progressive programme for more than 4 weeks. I’m pumped – I want to complete the allotted amount of time I’m supposed to spend on it and reap the full benefits of my training!

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