30 Day Sexification Challenge

“All great things start from small beginnings.”

Recently I posed this question on my Facebook page:  What’s one thing that you’re struggling with in your life that, if you improved it, would help you tremendously?

The answers varied, ranging from finances, productivity, organization and even the scientifically proven magnetic effect that causes ones butt cheeks to become drawn to a couch or chair for several hours a day. Regardless of where they were coming from, everyone had one thing in common: they all had something important they wanted to improve. Not one person said “nah, I’m the ultimate human being – no thanks.”

We all could stand to improve in an area or two – how bloody (high five to my UK readers) awesome would it be if you were able to knock out major barriers that are standing between you & your goals? Whatever it is, I bet you’re thinking about it right now anyway, so why put it off any longer?

The time for delay is over. You’re going to start handling it right now.

The 30 Day Challenge – Sexification Style

Recent research shows that it takes longer to form a new habit than previously thought, but I’m not concerned about that  – I just want to focus on everyone getting started today. We can worry about the minor details after we have a few weeks of success under our belts (or in your pockets if you’re anti-belt).

Here are my goals for the next 30 days:

  • Write for 2 hours a day – As much as I love writing, if I don’t make the time for it then it gets pushed to the side hardcore and just doesn’t get done. That’s weaker than a baby’s fart, so my goal is to block out time 2 hours of  distraction free time every day and make it happen without fail.
  • Increase my activity by 4 hours per week – It’s easy to turn into a sloth if you don’t make a conscious effort to monitor your activity. I’m going to keep it simple by walking for 1 hour on days that I’m not at the gym. This will also give me time to brainstorm and listen to podcasts/audiobooks, which feeds into ideas for my writing – DOUBLE AWESOME!
  • Drop 5lbs – My overall goal is to lose 20lbs, but by limiting myself to 5lbs in 30 days, something that I know I can do, will keep me from doing something crazy to get there faster and burning out/feeling like a madman the entire time.

Are You a SexiCAN or a SexiCANT?

I hope you’re making macaroni, because the above line will provide you with all the cheese you’ll ever need. Either way, I want you to join me on this fantastic voyage and choose two or three important, obtainable goals/habits that you want to make happen and pledge to make them happen – no excuses – over the next 30 days.

Want to get stronger? Change up your training sessions for the next 30 days to reflect.

Want to start eating better? Make a few better choices every week.

Want to get better at playing the trombone? Set out a set amount of time to practice it during the week.

You choose your path – this is your life.

But Wait, There’s More!

I’m not gonna leave you hanging here – prepare yourself for some prizes!

The person who makes the most progress towards their goal gets a 30 minute phone consultation where we can discuss whatever you like, as well as a customized 4-week training program.

The 2nd place runner up will get a 30 minute phone consultation.

The 3rd place in this challenge of awesomeness will receive a delicious Quest Protein Bar (plus whatever progress they make).

To be eligible for the prizes you have to:

Post your goals in the comment section of this post (bookmark this page).


Post your goals on your own site if you plan on keeping track there (email the link to me).

Feel free to post your progress & setbacks as often as you like in the comment section. I’ll be doing the same thing as well. My goal is to bring together a group of motivated people to help hold each other accountable and push each other through our sticking points & out of our comfort zones so that we emerge on the other side much better than we were 30 days before.

Please share this with as many people as you can. The more people, the better.

Let’s do this!

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  1. says

    This is a great idea Rog. I’ve recently been trying to balance a lot of things. Outside of huge lists, I’m trying to find little goals to hit here and there. I’m going to evaluate this tonight.

  2. Cherie says

    25lbs by Spring. I did it last year and I’ll do it again this year!

    Step1: Get a sexy buddy. CHECK!
    Step2: Schedule sexy workouts! Will be done tonight!
    Step 2.5: Acquire theme song. CHECK! –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE
    Step3: Calculate my sexy caloric intake. CHECK!
    Step3: Sexify through proper diet and exercise!
    Step4: Maintain sexiness!

    • says

      A several step plan to Sexification…I LIKE! I must admit though, I thought I was gonna click that link only to be Rick Rolled. Lemme know if you have any questions about anything!

  3. Andrew says

    1. Study for the NSCA CSCS exam (four hours a day)

    2. Drop five pounds (currently 205 pounds)

    3. Perform thirty minutes of foam-rolling/mobility work/stretching everyday

    • says

      #1 is a monster of a goal, but that’s good – it just means you’ll need a bigger sword to slay said monster.

      Feel free to post your progress here homie.

  4. Reed says

    Increase squat to 245x5x3 (currently 205)
    Increase bench to 195x5x3 (currently 180)
    Increase press to 120x5x3 (currently 105)
    Increase deadift to 280×5 (currently 265)

    Actually eat in a way that facilitates this strength increase, but not spend too much time obsessing about it

    Keep solid form while trying to push myself and increase the weights

  5. JC Deen says

    I don’t need a consultation with you because we’re always on the phone anyway.

    I, however, commit to procrastinating by -4 hours each day. What does that mean? By the time I wake up, I will go to work on things that matter, and spend way less time on social media. From now until the rest of December, that’s my goal – less time on social media, more time focusing on work that’s important.

  6. Jonts says

    Butter my English muffin what a sweet challenge. You know I’m a limey so I really appreciate the British swearing,I can’t wait till you crack out the likes of ‘sodding.’

    Here’s mine:-

    – continue a net gain of approx 1lb per week but still have visible abs (fortunately the next 30 days will only cover one nice easy mini bulking cycle without the deficit weeks I throw in every 5th week)
    – deadlift 4x180kg (I’m at 4x170kg)
    – continue to train a minimum of 2 sessions per week (I’m about to move house, go back to training at home and find a new job)

  7. joey says

    Two of our goals are common:

    1) lose 5lbs and

    2) Walk 1 hour on rest days

    The third is launching a website I have been designing forever

  8. says

    I am currently training and competing in kettlebell sport, which sort of happened out of the blue, but I’m really enjoying it.

    Anyway, my goal is to snatch the 20 kg kettlebell 65 times each hand, so I can make rank and compete with the 24 kg ‘bells (I can hit the jerk number quite easily).

    I will do this by training 5x per week, focusing on the snatch, but putting it first in each session, strive for perfect technique by practicing with lighter ‘bells and hammering one arm swings.

    Oh and that whole procrastination thing JC mentioned, that could help too.

  9. says

    Procrastinate less by limiting my exposure to social media.
    Get my plan together to actually re-launch my biz by spring – stop thinking and wanting and just do it.
    Lose my last 20 pds. I found Leigh and she’s changed my whole philosophy on fat loss. I know my issues and my excuses and I’m over it.

    I will have the detailed plan for these by the weekend and will be posting on my blog/website as soon as I figure out how 🙂

    Plus, I can’t wait to try out some of this new British slang on my Brit friends 🙂

    • says

      Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by and getting involved, Jen. Can you let me know when you post the awesomeness on your blog?

      Btw, I’m digging your site – it’s very crisp and not distracting.

      • says

        hey there! I just posted a new blog with short intro to this challenge… How can I link back or whatever techy thing I do??
        Thanks for the site compliment 🙂 I have some very talented and awesome friends/clients!!!

  10. Michelle says

    Let’s give this a try.

    1) Lose 5 lbs. I gained quite a bit (almost 20) since losing my job and while I was travelling. I’d like to lose more than 5, but we’ll start with 5.

    2) Apply for at least 1 job opening a day. Sometimes the stress of looking kills my motivation.

    3) Increase my physical activity by walking for a bit on days that I don’t work out. This will be hard as it gets colder, but that’s what coats are for!

    • says

      The good thing about losing 20lbs is that you have to lose 5 long the way to get there – this will definitely be a good start for you.

      AND PANTS! Don’t forget pants to go along with the coat – they help a lot =)

  11. says

    Wattap wattap! I want IN on this. My process goal for the next 30 days is to successfully practice IFing everyday and make it a lifestyle. My outcome goal is to eat at an overall calorie deficit to lean out. Given that I’m only 5’2.5″ (it all counts!), I don’t get to eat very much to begin with, so I’m hoping that IFing will make the dieting more bearable.

    • says

      Oh hell yes. Once you get used to it, dieting will be easier than taking candy from a baby whose parents were foolish enough to leave him alone, strapped in his stroller, defenseless, with a large quantity and candy ready to be absconded with.

  12. Kim says

    Since we were just talking about progress I think I’m going to give this a try.

    1) Work on post-graduation job acquisition (Apply for jobs and networking with attorneys and judges I already know)

    2) Continue to work on better eating habits – have more good days than bad days. Finals breeds the sedentary snacker in me.

    3) Get to the gym at least 3x a week for at least 40 minutes. Not a goal I would pick if it weren’t finals but without it I might not go at all.

    Thanks Rog. Need a good challenge to get me going.

  13. Celeste says

    Great idea Rog! When my job and life changed a couple years ago, I went from being pretty fit and in shape to a desk-sitting lump with no routine, workout habits, or healthy eating habits. I recently moved, which should free up a bit more time for me to get back on it. Here are my goals:
    1. Five fruits and veggies a day.
    2. Three to five workouts a week,
    3. Lose ten pounds.

    So these are pretty basic but that’s where I am. Wish me luck! 🙂

    • Celeste says

      Well week one went well, I worked out 4 days and ate in moderation, getting in 4+ fruits and vegetables each day. 🙂

      Week two was ok food-wise, but so far I haven’t gotten any workouts in. I’ve come down with the flu (cold/fever, not stomach bug) and it’s kicking my butt. The only thing I did do was a ton of Christmas decorating and unpacking (we moved two weeks ago and I finished the last box this morning, yay!) and move and install a washer and dryer at our new place. Yes go me, first time ever!

      I also have lost 6 lbs regardless and am trying to be less sluglike during the day, something I thought I had mastered years ago. Old habits creep back in easily, I suppose. 🙂

  14. Korey says

    I have one goal, and that’s to convince Roger Lawson to finally implement Power Cleans in his workouts.

      • Korey says

        It absolutely does not.

        Let’s look at some facts:

        1 – The Power Clean is a scalable way to develop power.
        2 – Bill Starr likes them.
        3 – I can execute a Power Clean with more than your bodyweight, which means I can effectively throw you if you don’t start doing them.

  15. Clement says

    Hmm, 30 days… Alright, I’m in!

    1. Improve my standing broad jump score to at least 234cm (current: 225)

    2. Improve my 2.4km run score to below 9:14 (current 9:29)

    These are for military fitness test purposes only, by the way

  16. says

    ROGER! This is inspiring. You’ve inspired me. I suppose I shall start with these:

    1. Lose ten (count’em TEN!) pounds. Yeah, I know it’s the holiday season.
    2. Like how writing is your go-to, committing myself to do a form of art (drawing/painting/carving a totem pole/etc) for two hours a day.
    3. Take an hour each day to teach myself how to speak Tagalog. (That’s the official Filipino language, if you didn’t know already)

    Coming back from volunteering for ten months has left me with a LOT of time on my hands…my AmeriCorps schedule was packed…being at home? Completely the opposite.
    It’s driving me crazy with nothing to do at home and only occasionally seeing friends (who have their own schedules). This will definitely help pass the time…and better myself. ;D

  17. says

    Great concept mate. For what it’s worth here are my goals for the next 30 days:

    1: Post at least 2 articles a week on my super site http://www.noexcusefitness.com.au (even over xmas).
    2: Continue to train with consistency and intensity 5 times per week.
    3: Increase my Deadlifts from 140kg x 6 reps to 150kg x 6 reps.

    All a challenge but achievable with the right mindset. Hope you and your family have a great xmas!

  18. Eric says

    Since my small talk totally stinks I am committed to talking to 3 strangers a day for the next 30 days, the idea is courtesy of artofmanliness.com Talk to 3 strangers. Of course I’m not sure about days I don’t typically don’t go anywhere. These days I might just sit on the corner and yell at oncoming cars.

  19. Nancy C. says

    Time to quit whining and get my sexy on!

    1. Wear pedometer every day and achieve at least 8000 steps of NEAT walking (not related to scheduled cardio).
    2. Journal 2 pages every day.
    3. Remember to check in with Rog every day and actually do it. 🙂

  20. says

    Progress update from The Rog!

    Goal #1: Writing for 2 hours a day

    Update: I usually get in between 30min & 1 hour. I’m finding that I have to do it in the morning right when I get up (therefore getting to bed sooner and waking up earlier) so that I can knock a sizeable chunk out. Today I did this and got in 1 hour & 30min worth of writing – win!

    Goal #2: Increase my activity by 4 hours per week

    Update: I’m knocking this one out of the park. Today alone I got in 2 hours of walking on the treadmill while reading some emails I printed out and writing my responses to them. Now all I have to do is type them up – SHIZAM!

    Goal #3: Lose 5lbs.

    Well on track to beating this goal. I scheduled a photo shoot for next week, so I have to drop some fat fast, so that’ll definitely put me past the 5lb mark.

    What’s YOUR progress?

  21. Brad says

    Late to the game, but wanted in.

    1. Drop 5 lbs

    2. Cook/Eat at home 90% of the time

    3. Begin Kung Fu (not sexy, but whatevs)

    4. Spend 1 hour reading (non-fiction)

  22. says

    OK so I still haven’t hit my rank numbers for snatch with ’20 kg bell, but am much closer.

    Will keep going as I was, working hard and controlling what I can control.


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