This world deserves a better class of trainer. And I’m gonna give it to them.

With that said, the e-doors for online personal training and nutrition consultations are now officially open!

I like to think of myself as the Bruce Lee of the fitness world: I have no style. This means that when we work together I will not force you into a one size fits all approach in terms of a training program or nutritional guidelines. I will meet you at whatever level you are starting at and we will move forward from there – anything else would be uncivilized, rude and downright dishonest.

But I know that the online world has its fair share of dishonest people, so let me sooth some of your worries. This is my full-time profession and I take it very seriously, so seriously in fact that I’m going to extend the following offer to anyone who chooses to work with me:

Sexification Guaranteed: If, after 60 days, you have done what I’ve asked of you (and what you have asked of yourself), have put forth serious and committed effort but are no closer towards your goals than when we started, then I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Simply put, if I’m not able to help you get to where you want to be, then I don’t deserve your money. If you’re not satisfied, I’d much rather give it back to you and point you in the direction of someone that can help as opposed to leaving you feeling like you’ve been taken for a ride.

So what do you have to lose? The worst that can happen is you become so enamored by my charming wit and sassy humor that you don’t want to stay forever. At best? I can change your life.

For more information about my services, please fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Just need your general location, not your exact address.
  • It can be fat loss, muscle gain, transformation, etc.
  • Tell me about your training experience (how many years), your current strength stats on major lifts, and a sample of your current routine.
  • Tell me about your current activity levels including your job, leisure activities, and anything else you currently do for exercise.
  • Are you following any particular diet currently? What does a few days of diet look like for you? Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?
    If you answered 'some but not all,' please explain in the last box at the bottom.