About Rog

Greetings and salutations my good man, woman, or common house pet with above average intelligence & curiosity. Welcome to the Sexification community – not gonna lie, I’m super pumped to have you here!

My goal is simple: To make 100,000 people feel good and look great without turning it into a full-time job, all while having a hellvua lot of fun along the way.

I have very few rules in my tool belt to make this happen, but here are a few guiding principles that serve as the means to an awesome end:


1. Do it everyday. How hard would it suck if you had to remember to breathe every second of every day? Movement is just as crucial as breathing. If it’s important to you, make it a priority. No excuses.

2. Exercise for growth. Do what makes you feel powerful, not powerless.

3. Diet is Batman, exercise is Robin. One is more important, but both play a key role in your awesomeness.


1. You are king. Eating foods that you love is MANDATORY.

2. Unlock your inner ninja. Get in, assassinate your goal, and get on with the important business of living your life.

3. Don’t race Unicorns. You’ll outrun a unicorn before you out train a bad diet.


1. Don’t major in the minors. If it adds little to your life’s bottom line, replace it with something of value.

2. Enhance, don’t hinder.

3.Not having fun? You’re doing it wrong.


The tagline of this site is: “Sexification on a Global Scale.” What exactly does this mean?

First imagine where you are now – confidence, health, physique & overall outlook on life.

Now imagine where you want to be in regards to all these things.

Is there a gap between the two? I argue that if there is, the best and fastest way to improving your life on all these fronts is to improve the way that you look so that you’re not just comfortable in your own skin, but thrive in it.

Life is far too short not to be a supremely awesome badass; a rock star of life, the hero of your own story. A big part of making this happen begins not just with being comfortable in your own skin, but feeling amazing in it. Lets face it, though: most people would have you believe that wanting to be sexy and chasing after it is pretty lame.

Vanity for vanity’s sake? But there are children starving in Africa, disappearing bees and global warming to worry about – all more important things to worry about, right?


A strange thing happens when you give in to the sexy: it spills over into everything!

Your interactions & relationships with other people? Better.

Your daily thoughts and self talk? Improved.

Your outlook on life and belief that the other seemingly crazy ideas floating around in your cranium are possible? Intensified.

Can you wrap your mind around the positive impact you’d have on the world if this ultimate version of you existed? Well if you can’t hot damnit I can, and that’s why I’m so excited to help pull it out of you, because it’s already there, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened.

The possibilities are endless.

Let the nay sayers try and convince you that the pursuit of looking and feeling great is one of the less noble pursuits that there is, but their yammering will fall on deaf ears because you’ll be too busy looking good.

Embrace your vanity, unlock your awesome and change the world.