Why I Need You To Be Sexy

On any given day, I get to work with people from all walks of life and help them move closer to their physique, health and fitness goals. I make it a point to empower my clients towards bringing into existence the image they have of themselves in their mind. I make an honest attempt to be the best part of their day.

Then I step outside of my bubble and into the real world, and what I see scares me.

I sit in bookstores and restaurants, overhearing the languid conversations of people who’ve grown weary of the mundane trappings of their lives; the marionette 9-5 that controls them. Put another way, people just aren’t very happy. I talk to friends who often ask me why I’m so happy and up beat all the time, and more or less my answer is always the same – what reason do I have not to be?

I’m surrounded by those who I care about.

I get to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people daily.

I simply love what I do.

When I started this blog, I wanted to create a look that conveyed both my personality and the intent of my writing, and thus Committed to Sexification on a Global Scale was born.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about you and the desperate plea that I’m sending your way.

I need you to be sexy.

I’m not talking about sexy in the physical sense here either, but feel free to go that route, too. To me, Sexification is a mindset that begins with an idea and then manifests itself in action. It’s all about taking the image of yourself, what you want to do and where you want to go in life, and bringing it into reality.  It’s about fighting the urge to hide your dreams and inner brilliance to remain among the average.

As you begin to separate yourself from the masses and do what you love, something interesting happens:

Your interactions with your friends, family and random encounters are much more positive.

Your outlook on the world will improve, and you’ll notice the general malaise surrounding your life begins to dissipate.

You become bolder, taking steps towards achieving what you previously thought was impossible.

And you inspire others to do the same.

When you’re no longer doing things because you’re afraid of what people will think of you if you don’tdo them, when you’re busy working towards that which really matters to you instead of simply passing the time, you begin to feel more alive – and this benefits everyone.

Random (aka Mega Ran) is an English teacher and hip-hop artist, blending his control over language and wordplay with his passion for video games. That’s Sexification.

Torya Blanchard quit her teaching job to opene a crêperie in her hometown of Detroit, bringing her love of everything French to a city known for Coney Island hotdogs and cars. That’s Sexification.

Myron Watkins makes a living from behind the lens, honing his craft while bringing the best out of his clients. That’s Sexification.

Jessica Jackley and Matt Flannery put the power into the people’s hands, creating a place where they can loan money via the internet to help fund entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world. Their current loan repayment rate is 98.99%. That’s Sexification.

Adam Baker and his family sold their possessions, paid off $18,000 in consumer debt, and began to create the life they wanted to live, leading by example and teaching others how to do the same. That’s Sexification.

This is by no means a complete list, but I just wanted to highlight the great things happen when you come alive with purpose.

Actually, the title of this post was a bit misleading because I don’t need you to be sexy at all. You need to be sexy for yourself, and for the world as well; it will become a better place for you having been in it.

What brings you to life and gives you a sense of purpose? What is something that you’ve always wanted to do but have held off on for some reason? What is one thing, no matter how small, that you can do today to bring yourself closer to that goal? Add a comment below – I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Photo Credit: Glaciernps

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  1. JC says

    talk about resonating with a person. This was spot-on for me. Of course, through our many conversations, you know what makes me tick.

    but dang. you now must deliver, just like this, on every single post.

  2. says

    Sense of purpose for me is as long as I know I’ve helped someone, that’s enough to keep me going.

    And boy, there are a lot more instances where quitting would be so much easier.

  3. says

    Welp, I’m not as fluent with my words as you, but I just wanna enjoy life. Choosing to live life without the burdens that I may have CHOSE to place on myself in the first place. Ya know?

  4. says

    JC submitted this on Fitmarker… and I decided there’s no reason to wait for votes. Shit belongs on the front page, so that’s where I sent it.

    The accuracy on this post is so tight… I have also found that people, in general, ARE boring because most just lack purpose. Then there’s the fact that 99% want instant gratification and you have aimless zombies just desperately seeking out the next “hit” from consumerism… hoping it will spike their egos just long enough till the next new shit arrives. Lame city.

    Sexification just might be the answer. Good work.

    • says

      Thanks FJ! I’ve hit the big time now with this news, and if it weren’t so late at night I’d do some kind of dance.

      That’s the beauty of it all – if people just shut out the noise long enough to find something purposeful to focus and latch onto for more than a few hours/days and pursue it until the freakin wheels fall off, they may just surprise themselves with how much life was inside of them waiting for the right outlet. Even if they fail they can walk away knowing they didn’t just give up because shit got tough, and carry that mindset on to their next venture or whatnot.

  5. says

    RogLaw – I don’t believe I read this when you originally posted it, but having read it now your purpose shines really shines through! Keep killin it!

    Chris “not that one” Brown

    • says

      What’s up Chris!

      Thanks for coming through here again man. I remember when we first talked through e-mail I thought exactly Chris “not that one” Brown. I think it’d be a fun social experiment to try and convince people that you are that one.

      – Rog


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