Warm Up Quick, Fast & In a Hurry

We’ve all had one of those days. You know, the one where it takes every fiber of our being to make it to the gym and all we want to do is get in, throw around some weights, and get on with the day. On days like those, even dedicating 10 minutes to warming up can snatch the wind right out of your sails – what is a homie to do?

Have no fear, The Rog is here!

I’ve put together a quick full body warm up that will get you ready to roll out in less than 3 minutes (double the time if you’re feeling particularly sassy and want to run through it twice). Give it a try the next time you’re in the gym and feel free to send me a video of you panting and slobbering like an overworked horse once you’re done.

Photo Credit: JD Hancock

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  1. Jonts says

    And Cressey did look down and saw that it was good.

    Are those shoulder retraction things a good sub for scap pushups? I always get the feeling I’m not quite doing them right, and your move in the video with the roller looks like its a lot harder to screw up and achieves the same localised stretch.

    • says

      Yeah they’re a nice unloaded variation. Do you usually do scap pushups in the full pushup position? If so, you could also do them from a kneeling position which I’ve found helps people can’t quite get them down pat in other positions.

      • says

        I’ve also found that it is much easier for people to “get it” when it comes to scap retractions in the plank position rather than full pushup. It’s just one less pesky joint to deal with and still maintains the same effect. Thoughts?

      • jonts says

        Hmm, interesting tip – thanks Rog. Yeah, i usually just do them in the usual “W” pushup position, not sure if i’m going too deep or screwing it up some other way but it always seems like i end up rubbing the skin of my shoulder blades together uncomfortably on each rep…hard to explain.

  2. Troy says

    Nice warm up!

    Is that a roll of industrial shrink wrap or a section of PVC?

    And yes the batman Chucks Rawk!

    • says

      Haha, I know right? Just a long PVC pipe with some foam wrapped around it (aka a cheap foam roller), but you could use anything from a broom stick to a small child if you’re that cool.

  3. Andreas says

    Hi coach,
    when doing the ‘reverse lunge to hug’ do I have to pause at #3 🙂
    are 4 enough, when the text says 5-10?
    could you wear a cape and a mask next time?
    just kidding…
    I really like it!
    from Germany

    • says

      Hey Andreas,

      Yep, 4 is fine with me. You could also do 4 each leg during your first time through, and then when you make it to the end of all the warm up exercises do 3-4 more for each leg and then get right into the training session. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says

    Sweet shoes bro!

    Thanks for the video. I used this warm up sequence before my workout this morning and it got me ready ready to work super quick. Simple things done well!

  5. says

    Sweet advice, the warm-up is often neglected. You need to be firing before you start lifting weights, not halfway through your first exercise.

    I would have been more impressed if you did an intro whilst doing the running man, comedy and a warm-up all wrapped into one awesome video!!!!

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