The Sexification Of Rog Law

I’m all about putting your flaws out into the universe  and using them as motivation to change for the better, so here we go!

I’ve gotten a good 3 training sessions in over the past month and a half. I felt run down and took a week off only to realize that I had no desire to go back to the iron just yet, and I was ok with that. Now, after taking some time off and reassessing my goals (plus seeing how far I’ve fallen), its time to get back to into action.

My strength levels have  taken a huge nosedive from where they used to be. My front squat dropped from 405 to 315 for a 1RM, my bench from 315 to 265, and my trap bar deadlift from 585 to a comparatively weaksauce 495. I’m sure a lot of this was of a neural nature and will be regained with time, but I know I’ve lost a fair amount of muscle as well.

My overall movement quality is like one of those busted Chuck-E-Cheese robots that haven’t been serviced since 1990. It was slowly getting better due to the mobility work I did during my training sessions, but since those were few and far between its no wonder that I’m back to pure suckage again.

The chub is back in full force, and it ain’t pretty, so it has to go. And this is where you come in.

I invite you all to join me on this personal journey of sexification, and if you’ve recently found yourself settling for less than what you’re capable, I encourage you to get moving in the right direction. On your own terms.

Speaking of doing things on your own terms, that is exactly what I’m going to be doing as far as my food choices and training are concerned. I’m going to simply train 2x a week for about 45 minutes and walk for an hour every day to burn some extra calories.

Oh yeah , and I’m going to have a Cinnabon every day for the next 30 days. Every other week I’ll make sure to post picture updates, and at the conclusion I’ll go into detail about what unexpected things I learned and encountered along the way that may help you in your own quest.

My secondary goal here is to demonstrate that your diet doesn’t have to be boring and that with proper planning you can still have a healthy diet while chowing down on your favorite foods.

Starting weight: 198lbs
Target weight: 185lbs

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  1. says

    Awesome, Rog! I’m also undergoing a transformation. I’ve entered in my first ever transformation contest and this week’s the first week. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted my before pictures yet…

    Anyway, posting updates on your blog will help you stay accountable!

    • says

      Good stuff, Clement!

      Yeah, I was checking out your blog the other day and saw that you had entered the TT transformation contest. Having a deadline always helps when achieving a goal because the end is always within site.

      I’m going to make it a point to check your site every day for updates, so keep fighting the good fight and make sure to get those pictures up – they make a HUGE difference in terms of accountability.

  2. says

    Well it’s about time! I’m glad you are trying the cinnabon experiment because once I’m done working with Shelby Starnes, I’m trying the Krispy Kreme experiment.

    Does that qualify as clean eating?


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