The Sexification of Rog Law (and what you can gain from it)

For the past few months I’ve just been eating anything that I’ve wanted, loosely tracking calories and macros, but for the most part not really caring how much I ate – lots of ice cream, steak, ribs, fruit, pasta and the occasional Cinnabon.

Training has been whenever I’ve felt like it – sometimes 1x a week, but usually 2x with a couple of challenges throw in for fun. Simply put I’ve been maintaining my results with as little time as necessary, but today marks the the day that I finally get off my butt cheeks and decide to actually get moving towards my own personal Sexification goals for several reasons.

1. I’ll be speaking on a panel along with Fitocracy at PAX East in Boston on April 6th entitled Gaming and Fitness – A Surprisingly Awesome Marriage, so I want to come in looking as Sexified as I can.

2. Pursuing a solid physique goal helps keep me on track in other areas of my life as well.

3. I want to show you, live & in the flesh, that getting the body that you want doesn’t have to be difficult at all (and it can actually be more fun than a box of kittens playing with a box of puppies playing with a box of pandas).

4. It gives me a fun reason to keep myself accountable along with my awesome friend Sohee Lee on her own Sexification journey.

My goal is simple: to look and feel as great as I can over the next 12 weeks, with April 6th being a nice checkpoint.

At my current weight, I have about 30-35lbs to lose, and I’m giving myself  8-9 months to knock it all out in a leisurely manner.

Here is my diet breakdown, with the logic and how I accomplish to be the subject of an upcoming post:

Training Days

240g protein
75g fat
140g carbs
2195 calories

Off Days
240g protein
60g fat
40g carbs
1660 calories
This is on top of getting in an hour of activity that I love on off days (walking, hiking, dancing, practicing kung-fu moves, fighting along with Bruce Lee movies, etc).

Every Sunday I’ll be updating with pictures and talking about what I’m doing training wise, what I’m eating, my calorie intake and how I’m varying it and pretty much anything else that I think will be helpful.

More importantly, I’ll be covering what YOU want to know about the transformation process and how you can apply it to your own situation, so ask away in the comment section below!

Starting weight as of 2/18/2012: 210.4lbs

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  1. says

    Nice man. Looking forward to it. I’ll be good and won’t send you Cinnabon ice cream links over the next several weeks 😉

    Can’t wait to see your sexification!


    • says

      Ha! I didn’t include this in the first post, but I already have 3 Cinnabon ice cream pints waiting in my freezer. A diet without ice cream isn’t a diet I want to take part of.

  2. Andrew says

    Once you reach your desired level of sexiness, can I start calling you “Sexual Chocolate”?

  3. Sean says

    Wow, looks like I should be eating a LOT less cals if your cutting with those numbers :\

    Lookin forward to your progress! Good luck!

  4. Clement says

    Ah, another instalment of the sexification files! I’m thinking this latest transformation will own your previous one, mightily successful as it was. Don’t let me down!

    Do you have any training goals? Any movements you’re focusing on? The deadlift, perhaps?

  5. Sky King says

    What is your current height/weight if you don’t mind? You are funny as hell, good luck!

  6. Pamann says

    You look pretty solid and lean now. I’m sure with the adjustments you will hit your goal well before your time estimate. 🙂

  7. says

    Look atchyou go! You’re already killin’ it, but i’m looking forward to following your progress!

    Good luck and I’m hoping you replicate that last picture in the coming weeks..

  8. Penny says

    I’d be interested to hear how you determined your calorie level and macro percentages for each of those days?


  9. jonts says

    This will be awesome, I for one am fascinated to see the original sexification in progress. Will be like watching the very moment Doc Brown invented the flux capacitor.

  10. Mark says

    Hey Rog,

    I’m on the same road but I’m only 163 pounds doing IF. 2500 on training days and 1700 non training days. I think I need to reassess my cals. will be checking in every Sunday.

    Keep smilling cheers Mark

    • says

      Don’t let what I’m doing determine what you should be doing – let your results be your shining light in the sea of darkness.

      Yep, it just got deep around here.

  11. AJ says

    You absolutely need to see if JC still has his sexy posing shorts and if he’ll let you borrow them. Would definitely ramp us the sexification meter on the reals!

  12. Eddie says

    Hey man you know i have been interested in what you are doing from way back when at good ole EMU. Keep it up and I will be checking in with you every weekend and maybe sometimes during the week too…

    “Stay black my brotha” sorry didn’t know how to end this..

  13. Dexter Morgan says

    Where are you planning to drop those 30lbs from? You look pretty lean already, assuming those pictures are ‘before’ pictures?

    Good luck anyway man. Love the blog.

    • says

      From magical places, my man!

      The long term goal is to get down to 180 (or at least a very, very lean look). At my weight of 210, I know that I at least need to get down to 190lbs, which puts me at 20lbs. We’ll take it on an “as it comes” basis.

      Thanks for the props!


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