It all started with an email asking if I was ready to be sexy and he will help me get there. Roger’s been the main man for me the last 14 months and counting.

Roger is knowledgeable, motivating, accessible, positive & he really listens to what you want. He makes things easy to adhere to; guiding, prodding & pulling you back at the right moments. With good programming, I am currently sitting at a 2.7x bodyweight dead-lift, a 2.2x bodyweight squat and a 1.4x bodyweight bench, with better things to come while getting leaner & staying injury free.

The other biggest most positive change for me is that I am free from the neurosis of creating my own super squirrel hybrid training program to go along with my special sauce nutrition plan. The way things are structured too allows me to have a proper life as well.

Results will follow. Naturally.

– Dr. Michael Chan

I started working with Rog at the beginning of 2011 when I realized I needed some help with strength and conditioning. My fitness background is in the bodybuilding world and the workouts I was familiar with were inadequate for addressing the problems I had accumulated due to years of inactivity and obesity. Rog guided me on a path from immobility to functional fitness. I’m now deadlifting and squatting properly, working on gaining strength and confidence. As a 57-year old woman, I can’t say enough how wonderful it has been to find someone with the patience and skill to help me move into the later years of my life with a level of strength and fitness I only dreamed was possible for me.

– Nancy Cooley

As someone who is a body conscious individual I figured that I could manage my nutrition and diet plans. I religiously ate six small meals a day and did strength/crossfit training four days a week. I maintained a decent physique but could never really put on any real muscle. Eventually I, luckily, managed to stumble upon IF, and Roger’s website. I lurked for a while soaking up what Rog had to offer and really came to admire his approach to fitness and diet. Plus the dude is hilarious. At some point I became overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information about diet/training and I decided I would be better served having someone else worry about it for me.

I contacted Rog to inquire about his services and haven’t looked back since. From the beginning Rog has been great, he didn’t pressure me to use his services, he has listened to all of my complaints and gripes, and he does so with a smile (Or so I presume since we live in different states!). He has taken all of the guesswork out of nutrition and training for me. it has allowed me to enjoy working out again and not stress about the small details. His programs are top notch and I have seen incredible strength gains.

I managed to put on about 6 pounds of scale weight and very little, if any, fat gain. Rog is extremely attentive, answers in a timely fashion, and is the consummate professional. Simply put he knows his stuff.

And I have learned a great deal from Rog, he has talked me off the ledge more than a couple of times, and I consider him to be a great friend. Not only have I gained a vast amount of knowledge about diet and training but I have learned to be a more confident father, husband, and quite frankly a happier human being. With Rog you are getting more than just a “trainer,” In fact I think “trainer” cheapens what Rog does. I consider Rog to be a Life coach.

If anyone is on the fence about the decision or have any concerns you can feel free to get my information from Rog. I guarantee you that if you listen to what Rog has to say and follow his guidelines, you will not be disappointed.

– Aaron Sanchez

I was referred to Roger by someone that I respect, so I didn’t think twice about accepting the referral and haven’t regretted teaming up with Roger for one minute. Roger has a great, fun personality and I find that his approach eases the “heavy burden” that often accompanies the path toward fitness and weight loss goals. He is all-business with his workout strategies and nutrition plans but somehow has a way of making it seem easy and I have easily moved forward one step at a time. I had been working out intensely on my own with heavy lifting and cardio for over a year and even though I ate “clean,” I still wasn’t seeing results. I had a lot of stubborn body fat in areas that are considered genetic and most people say cannot be changed.

I started training with Roger online, following his eating guidelines and training routines a few months ago and I’ve lost 18lbs of body fat and have definition I have never seen, all without making any crazy sacrifices. By giving me my exact macronutrient numbers and work-out program, I actually eat more than before and realize the few calories I was eating were coming from only fat and carbs. He upped my protein and by cycling my carbs, I never feel like I’m deprived of anything.

I had an unrelated knee injury and he restructured my program to accommodate the healing of the injury and I have continued to see results…if I were on my own I would have been lost, thinking I was unable to work-out. Roger stays in contact and is very easy to reach and always has my food breakdown and workouts ready for me to start my new sessions. Anyway, I love Roger and plan on working with him for a long time! By the way, I am a 55-year old female and we know it only gets harder as we age so if I can do it with Roger’s help, anyone can!

– Lori Fulton

From the beginning, I knew this trainer was going to be different! When Roger said he wanted to talk before anything else, I was floored. Everyone else I talked to wanted money before they even got to know who I was and what I was looking for. After only talking on the phone a short time, he could sense that I had had it with my fat loss journey, that I had tried almost everything and was ready to call it quits. He turned it all around and showed me that with hard work AND the right direction, I could get some awesome results. He answered every one of my over analytical questions, and never seemed to get annoyed with me! Even though we are not working together, he still sends emails to check in and I think that is above and beyond what most trainers would do! Roger is funny, kind, very motivating, and very smart. It was worth every penny to work with him and it really helped me put the focus where it needed to be. I feel like I now have the tools to take care of myself for the rest of my life, and if for some reason I get stuck, I know just where to go!

– Tina Judy

When I began working with Roger, I had the mobility of a man made of Legos, bad posture and a shameful level of strength.  I had no idea how much this affected my quality of life and the goals I had set for myself in the gym.

After a thorough assessment I received my first training program from Roger and was on my way to awesomeness. Eight months later: my movement quality has greatly improved, I’m adding weight to the bar, I’ve doubled my chin-up numbers (something I had been struggling with for months before Roger started coaching me).

Needless to say, I’m very happy with my current level of strength and accomplishments. I feel great inside AND outside of the gym.

I want to thank you, Roger, for working with me in reaching and exceeding my goals. I would be all over the place right now with my training with nothing to show for it. Had you not pointed me in the right direction and given me the structure, motivation and support I needed.

– Cesar Camberos