The Sexification of Rog Law: Meal Time Fun Time

I’m a huge proponent of IIFYM (if it fits your macros), with the main reason being that most diets fail from a combination of the physical – occasional hunger, etc – and the mental. Anything that we can do to minimize the perceived difficulties will go a long way towards success in the long run, and this approach does just that (for both me and my clients).

There are no off limit foods. If you want it, you can have it, as long as you hold yourself accountable to the decision and fit it into your calorie budget for the day. This kind of freedom drop kicks the mental side of dieting in face and can change the way you think about dieting (and your relationship with food) forever – triple win.

Here’s a sample of my usual meal schedule.

Training Day:

Pre-Workout: Usually a scoop of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Sometimes it will be a glass of milk or half of a protein bar. All depends on how I feel.

Post-Workout: 1lb of meat with 2 cups of oats, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar & 1 tablespoon of honey.

Meal #2: 2 cups of milk with 100g worth of protein powder and 2 cups of frozen berries.

Meal #3: 6 eggs, 2 oz of cheese, 4 pieces of beef bacon & 1lb of broccoli

Non-Training Day

Meal #1: 2 cups of milk with 100g worth of protein powder and an apple (or no fruit, depends on my mood).

Meal #2:  8oz of meat.

Meal #3:  1lb of meat with a separate plate of veggies.

Burgers (85/10 – 96/4% lean depending on the day)
Steak (sirloin tip usually, but ribeye if I’m feeling particularly manly)
Eggs (6 is the minimum – anything less would be uncivilized and a waste of my skillet)
Fish (tilapia, salmon)
Pork chops
Chicken (breasts and thighs)
Green Beans
Brown Sugar
Quest Protein Bars
Ice cream

Notice a trend here?

Most of my foods are minimally processed, but I also make room for treats if I want them. I also make sure that I’m only eating foods that I enjoy the taste of. I’ve learned the hard way that food that “sounds good” for me to eat will just end up going bad in the fridge, making both my wallet and soul depressed. I’ve had a carton of egg whites sit in the back of the fridge for more than a year once – true story.

Also I pretty much eat whenever I want, subscribing to no pre-determined number of meals I need to get in for the day.  Some days I eat 3 meals and on days I’m feeling more glutenous I’ll eat just once during the day.  Hitting your calories and macros by the end of the day is what matters the most from a physique standpoint.

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  1. Alex says

    Out of curiosity, how would you adjust the meal plan on training days if you had to train at 5pm?

    • says

      I usually train at about 2 or 3 pm, so if I were training at 5pm I’d keep the same meal schedule and just push my meals back a hours until training time. Are you familiar with intermittent fasting at all?

  2. R Smith says


    Really digging this info. We eat similarly, in fact.
    Question for you: I know your calories vary from training/non-training days, but how would they change for, say, conditioning days?
    I’m basically a 4-Day training guy, with two metcon days thrown in and one day off.
    Again, thanks for the info. Great, helpful stuff.


    • says

      Personally, if I were going to throw a conditioning day into my training schedule, I would treat it is an off day calorie wise (or maybe 100-200 calories more). The goal of conditioning isn’t energy expenditure, so the session would be intense & brief by definition and wouldn’t require many more calories.

  3. Dom says

    Hey, are aware of your forward head posture and hyperkyphosis?
    Is your left leg shorter than the right one (or do you have a twisted pelvis)?
    (Just noticed those in the pics)
    All the best

    • says

      Well, now that I’m doing crying…

      J/k, j/k. My thoracic mobility is quite jacked due to me working a hardcore desk job for 4 years prior to getting involved in fitness and I haven’t hammered it nearly as much as I should. My hips, quads and shoulders are much tighter than they should be as well…pretty much I’m a movement mess that’s currently under construction. Hammering the quads and hip flexors as my main focus now with everything else coming along later.

  4. says

    1 POUND OF MEAT FTW. I read that and thought “this is why we’re friends”. LOL

    PS You look so dejected in your progress pictures! SMILE! Or, at the very least, make the most absurd face you can think of. 🙂

    • says

      And that’s when I’m eating 3 meals! Imagine the fun I have when I have to get that amount of protein in 2 meals…

      LOL, I do, don’t I? Alright, for you, next week I’m going to make the most ridiculous face known to man.

  5. Mark says

    Hey ,
    you still doin lean gains type if with this as well?

    I’m 5 weeks into my lg cut lost 16 pounds and doin ok strength wise.

    I’m the big 40 tomorrow and have fell off the wagon tonight just eat 2 massive pieces of chocolate cake and had had a few beers and jd & cokes

    Fuck it back on track Thursday.

    Lovin the relaxed way you look at you macro split no clean eating nonsense.

    I’m on this cut with you man see you next Sunday

    Cheers Mark

    • says

      Nah. I started off with LG about a year ago, but now I’ve mixed it into my own hybrid. Some days I fast about 12-13 hours and other I fast about 20 or more – it all depends on how I feel.

      Congrats on your success so far man, and enjoy the cake – just hop back on the next day and everything will continue on the path towards improved awesomeness!

      Happy birthday, Mark, and I’ll see you back here on Sunday!

      • Apollos says

        Love the site! I started off Paleo/LG and had good progress. I’ve since switched over too IIFYM + Fasting 12-23hrs depending on my mood. MUCH happier and improvements have not slowed at all. Paleo taught me there are a few foods I don’t jive to well with, but overall freedom of IIFYM is unbeatable. B&J Cherry Garcia Froyo twice a week? Hellz yea buddy!

        • says


          In my opinion, IIFYM + Fasting = one if (if not the best) ways to go. Fasting for hunger control, IIFYM for freedom.

          Now my interest is piqued…I never knew B&J had Froyo. I’m off to search!

  6. Sean says

    Randomly came back to this post, but I’m curious what brand of Cinnamon Roll protein you were using? The flavor idea intrigues me but I’d like to know whatever powder I’m getting is the “real deal” taste-wise, and I can’t think of anyone who would give a more trustworthy recommendation than a fellow Cinnabon enthusiast.


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