Get Fit Or Die Trying Update #4

123Weight: 205.6

This was after a major refeed filled with copious amounts of cake, cookies and beef on Saturday. Goes to show you don’t have to go all Leonidus on your diet 100% of the time to continue having great results. Eat food, live life!

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  1. says

    Refeeds are awesome.

    All the psychological benefits of a cheat day and none of the guilt because you come out of it looking like a god, haha!

    • says


      There was what appeared to be a 3 layer cake with vanilla frosting and an entire elf frosted onto its surface. The best part about it? I ate his legs so that he couldn’t run away from the cake black hole that is my mouth! There was a wide assortment of cookies, but I focused in on the angel finger cookies and crushed at least 8 of them with reckless abandon. And the beef? Oh God, the beef! I don’t know what kind it was, or who made it, but I know I took down at least a solid 15oz of it.

      Best. Day. Ever.

  2. Court says

    I really wish there was a front double bi shot… or at least a hint of a smile.

    In all seriousness, you’re looking good Rog. Too bad you’re in MA and can’t be taking your shirt off to show off in the midst of winter while everyone else is “bulking up”. I suggest a trip to sunny SoCal. Bartl and I will host. Yes, I just spoke for him.

  3. Court says

    I wish I could say that surprises me. I really do. But it doesn’t.

    See you in August my friend 😉

  4. says

    August? I have to wait until August? I guess that gives me over 3 months to boost my lifts up. I’m not going to worry about lagistics since Court lives 100+ miles south of me yet we are hosting. Court, I want a list filled with highlighted color’s!


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