Friday Night Freestyle Volume 3

Would ya look at that…its actually Friday this time!

Which means 4 more days until Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is released exclusively on the PS3:

Aside from Metal Gear Solid 4, this is the only game that I can remember being this excited about in recent memory. I’m so glad that gaming technology has reached a point where gaming as an industry is finally starting to garner the serious respect that it deserves. In terms of quality script writing, voice acting and story line, many of the game put out by big studios such as Naughty Dog, Konami, Rockstar and Square-Enix are rivling the big budget films that we see in theaters. Although I’ve never seen an Indiana Jones movie, I’ve seen enough clips of them and many other action adventure movies to notice that this game shamelessly borrows from said big blockbusters, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

I smell a game of the year award coming up soon.

And incase you’re not interested at all in video games, here is a trailer of the best movie that you’ve never seen:

WARNING: The trailer does get a bit bloody at time, so if you want to avoid such awesomeness, do not click play.

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