Friday Freestyle Volume 1

What’s better than reading Rog Law once a week? I can think of many things: koala bears gnawing on eucalypt leaves, free rocket packs, and being able to turn brooms into lightsabers on command, but sadly you’ll find none of that here (well, except for the last one).


I do have the next best thing though: I’ll be posting three times a week now – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – oh snap!

Monday will still be the day devoted to the fitness and lifestyle related content that you’ve grown to love.

Wednesday will alternate between a few on-going light hearted series that I’ll announce this upcoming week, so stay tuned.

Glorious Friday will be devoted to the random goofyness that makes up the entirety of who I am and just wouldn’t fit much into my Monday posts. This could range from rants on topics completely unrelated to fitness, informative links and videos that I’ve come across during the week, and a host of other fun stuff.

Which brings me to today.

I’m a big fan of mimicking accents and famous voices, so much so that when driving I often practice new ones using dialogue from movies that are floating around in my head. Now here is where you, my awesome and fantacular readers come into play.

What accent and/or famous voice do you want to hear me shamefully try to mimic (or butcher)? Do you want to hear me recite a particular line from a movie you love, or do you want to hear Sean Connery say something that comes straight from the space between your ears?

Leave your suggestion in the comment section below and I’ll pick one every other week to perform, complete with internet street-cred ruining video.

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  1. Nancy C. says

    Samuel L. Jackson quoting the Gospel from Pulp Fiction.

    More Rog can’t be a bad thing. 🙂

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