Friday Night Freestyle Volume 8: Get Fit or Die Trying

So I’m using this edition of the Friday Night Freestyle to bring you something less random and slightly more insightful: I’m starting a transformation log on this site.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up around the corner, I asked myself if I should even get started on my fat loss goals or just hold off on them until January. Luckily for me, an intervention came in the form of Leigh Peele’s Hot For The Holidays transformation contest. Simply put, its a 6 week challenge that started on Monday and runs through December 21st. The coolest thing about this challenge is that its not just about fat loss – its about whatever you want it to be. There are many forum members who are tackling goals that have nothing to do with fat loss or muscle gain, such as performance and mobility improvements.

While many think that its a huge trap to begin a fitness challenge, I beg to differ. There is no better time than the present to start heading in the direction that you want to go with your life, and for me personally it will be so gratifying to make it through the holidays while actually losing weight for once. Seriously, eating is no game ’round these parts. You’re talking to the guy who invented the concept of the “bread run” where you map out local restaurants in a 5 mile area, go in and eat the free bread that they bring you, then come up with some excuse so that you can peace out and hit up the next restaurant. I’m partial to Red Lobster and Texas Roadhouse, but I digress.

It can be done, and here are some of the benefits that Leigh touched on regarding beginning such a challenge around this time:

  • It will be less likely you gain fat during the holidays.
  • You will transition easier through the holidays to “normal life” again.
  • Those holiday pictures you have to take might be a less intimidating.
  • You will be that much closer to your goals.
  • You wont feel guilty about digging and enjoying your holiday dinners.

With that said, here are my pics and stats. I’ll be updating every Monday starting on November 23rd with more pictures, talking about my nutrition, training, and general thoughts and feelings on the whole process with the hopes that you as readers can take something away from this as well. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment sections or via email –

Weight: 220

Goal Weight @ End of 6 weeks:  208


Notice the butterfly pattern of hair on my chest. See ladies? I am sensitive.

Friday Night Freestyle Volume 2

I’ve been at home in Michigan for the past week visiting family and friends before I settle down at my new job at All-Access Fitness Academy out here in Shrewsbury, MA. I just got in not too long ago and realized that I once again missed another Friday.


I promise that next Friday will be different, but since I’m winding down for the night while reading a book and listening to some music I figured I might as well make up for the missed opportunity and post a few of the jazz clips that are in my rotation tonight.

Michael Franks:

John Coltrane:


Enjoy the music, and have a great weekend. Be sure to check back next week for a nice big helping of good ‘ol fashion meat and potatoes content.

Friday Night Freestyle

I know that its technically not Friday anymore where I’m at, but lets all just pretend that it is, shall we?

I certainly have other interests aside from from fitness, and I want to take the time each Friday to share one thing I’ve come across, weither it is a piece of creative art, a book I’ve recently read, a movie I’ve seen, or something else completely random that I want to share. Without further ado, I present to you Monty Oum’s Dead Fantasy:

As someone who knows nothing about the process of making something like this, it amazes me what he was able to do. Even if I was an expert at this kind of graphic wizardry, it would still blow my mind. He basically took a few characters from the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive series and programmed them to act in ways that they never did in their respect series. The best thing about this video is that you don’t even have to like video games to appreciate it or the message behind it – the acquisition of great things begin in the mind, and with enough hard work and stickituitivity you can bring it into reality. You are only limited by your imagination.