The Most Important Life Lesson From Kill Bill

The-Bride_Hattori-Hanzo-Katana_Kill-BillWhether you want to be a better lover, learn how to cook like a master chef or lose the extra fluff currently engulfing your sexy parts (like the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin), I know you want to improve your life in some way. What’s stopping you?


How do I know? Because we’re the same, you and me. I’ve been there, too. From being petrified of getting on stage and trying to make a crowd of complete strangers pee their pants from laughter, not writing consistently and crying “writer’s block” to abandoning a diet early because I was too hungry, felt like I was losing too much muscle or a hodgepodge of excuses I used to cover up the fact that I was too scared to get it done.

The worst part? I never admitted that I was afraid. I started to believe these excuses. To embody them. To live them.

Each time that I fooled myself into thinking I was a fearless man who simply encountered insurmountable barriers, it became easier to fall into that paradigm the next time.

After years of this vicious cycle, I painfully realized that I wasn’t living the life of my dreams. Not because of anyone else or a lack of opportunities, but because of my own doing.

It broke me. Hard.

Here is the most important advice you’ll ever hear, regardless of what you apply it to: know your real edge and sharpen it relentlessly.

Your edge is the point where you start to back off, to rationalize, to bury yourself in the minutia, to buy into whatever bullshit story soothes your fears and gives you a reason to stop short of absolutely crushing a goal, leveling up your inner badass in the process.

In Kill Bill, Hattori Hanzō was the man. When you needed Japanese steel, a weapon capable of waging a roaring rampage of bloodshed and vengeance without losing stopping power, you called Hanzō. One does not simply create a Hanzō sword, however – such a creation is forged only through consistent, methodical effort and honesty.

Here is how to create your own Hattori Hanzō life blade.

1. Describe your current edge in detail. Example: I know I could be leaner, but I’m too lazy to consistently track my food intake.

2. OWN your current edge, committing to lean slightly into the discomfort each time you encounter it. Lean too far and the resistance encountered will be too great; lean too little and there will be no growth.

“A free man is free to acknowledge his fears, without hiding them, or hiding from them. Live with your lips pressed against your fears, kissing your fears, neither pulling back nor aggressively violating them.” – David Deida

Face your fears, hone your edge and create a life worth living. Don’t sell yourself short.

If you need any help identifying or finding your edge, I’m more than happy to help. Contact me via the contact form on this site.

Trutein Cinnabun Protein Powder: The 8th Wonder of the World

Back in the day, I was a protein powder fiend.

4 to 6 scoops was the norm, and I went through the stuff like the secret of life was at the bottom of those tubs.

And the worst part (aside from going BFP – broke from powder) was that I didn’t even like the taste after awhile. I drank it as fast as possible before my brain realized what sick things I was putting into my body and sent the eject signal to my stomach.

Long story short: low quality protein powder that tastes like dragon butt sucks, and I love y’all too much to not show you an alternative – high quality protein powder that tastes like hope, dreams, sunshine…and Cinnabons.

Enter Trutein.

If I told you how many times I’ve had the urge to stick several cinnamon rolls into the blender and create the world’s most delicious shake, you all would pool your resources to buy a spaceship and send me far away from normal people like yourselves, but now thanks to Trutein I can stay here on Earth and write fitness stuff – win!

Here’s what I like about it:

1) Taste – seriously…it tastes like a liquid cinnamon roll. A LIQUID CINNAMON ROLL! I can quit life now.

2) Triple  protein blend – casein (slower digesting), whey (faster digesting) and egg protein, making it a shake that you can have pre-workout, post-workout, breakfast, or post-sex if your sessions are that intense.

3) No proprietary blends – you know exactly how much of each protein source you’re getting.

4) Price – you get all of the above awesomeness for a low price, which says a lot with protein powders constantly jumping in price. Here is the best price I’ve found on the net and where I ended up ordering from as well:

5) Macros –
1 scoop = 120 calories
1g Fat
5g Carbs
2.5g Fiber
24g Protein

And now for the live taste test and review!