30 Day Sexification Challenge

“All great things start from small beginnings.”

Recently I posed this question on my Facebook page:  What’s one thing that you’re struggling with in your life that, if you improved it, would help you tremendously?

The answers varied, ranging from finances, productivity, organization and even the scientifically proven magnetic effect that causes ones butt cheeks to become drawn to a couch or chair for several hours a day. Regardless of where they were coming from, everyone had one thing in common: they all had something important they wanted to improve. Not one person said “nah, I’m the ultimate human being – no thanks.”

We all could stand to improve in an area or two – how bloody (high five to my UK readers) awesome would it be if you were able to knock out major barriers that are standing between you & your goals? Whatever it is, I bet you’re thinking about it right now anyway, so why put it off any longer?

The time for delay is over. You’re going to start handling it right now.

The 30 Day Challenge – Sexification Style

Recent research shows that it takes longer to form a new habit than previously thought, but I’m not concerned about that  – I just want to focus on everyone getting started today. We can worry about the minor details after we have a few weeks of success under our belts (or in your pockets if you’re anti-belt).

Here are my goals for the next 30 days:

  • Write for 2 hours a day – As much as I love writing, if I don’t make the time for it then it gets pushed to the side hardcore and just doesn’t get done. That’s weaker than a baby’s fart, so my goal is to block out time 2 hours of  distraction free time every day and make it happen without fail.
  • Increase my activity by 4 hours per week – It’s easy to turn into a sloth if you don’t make a conscious effort to monitor your activity. I’m going to keep it simple by walking for 1 hour on days that I’m not at the gym. This will also give me time to brainstorm and listen to podcasts/audiobooks, which feeds into ideas for my writing – DOUBLE AWESOME!
  • Drop 5lbs – My overall goal is to lose 20lbs, but by limiting myself to 5lbs in 30 days, something that I know I can do, will keep me from doing something crazy to get there faster and burning out/feeling like a madman the entire time.

Are You a SexiCAN or a SexiCANT?

I hope you’re making macaroni, because the above line will provide you with all the cheese you’ll ever need. Either way, I want you to join me on this fantastic voyage and choose two or three important, obtainable goals/habits that you want to make happen and pledge to make them happen – no excuses – over the next 30 days.

Want to get stronger? Change up your training sessions for the next 30 days to reflect.

Want to start eating better? Make a few better choices every week.

Want to get better at playing the trombone? Set out a set amount of time to practice it during the week.

You choose your path – this is your life.

But Wait, There’s More!

I’m not gonna leave you hanging here – prepare yourself for some prizes!

The person who makes the most progress towards their goal gets a 30 minute phone consultation where we can discuss whatever you like, as well as a customized 4-week training program.

The 2nd place runner up will get a 30 minute phone consultation.

The 3rd place in this challenge of awesomeness will receive a delicious Quest Protein Bar (plus whatever progress they make).

To be eligible for the prizes you have to:

Post your goals in the comment section of this post (bookmark this page).


Post your goals on your own site if you plan on keeping track there (email the link to me).

Feel free to post your progress & setbacks as often as you like in the comment section. I’ll be doing the same thing as well. My goal is to bring together a group of motivated people to help hold each other accountable and push each other through our sticking points & out of our comfort zones so that we emerge on the other side much better than we were 30 days before.

Please share this with as many people as you can. The more people, the better.

Let’s do this!